Optimism is an unique ability

Great leaders have the unique ability to be OPTIMISTIC to forward their VISION. The following great quote of Simon Sinek , aptly highlights the same “Optimism is the ABILITY to FOCUS on WHERE we are GOING , NOT WHERE we are COMING FROM.”

If Newton’s Laws can have limitations why not Motivational principles?

Newton’s Laws have the limitation of constant mass and tend to be less applicable when the mass approaches infinity. Newton’s Laws have been regarded a bible since time immemorial and hence due to these limitation need to be tweaked to cover all possible scenarios. Similar to this behavioral physics motivated by Carrot And Sticks ruleContinue reading “If Newton’s Laws can have limitations why not Motivational principles?”

“Type I” personalities the need of the hour

Type I personalities who are intrinsically motivated for achieving something larger than themselves are needed now more than ever before. The following points list out why they outperform the extrinsically motivated and reward driven Type X personalities: Modern day right brain oriented work need people to be intrinsically motivated to arrive at results.Left brain orientedContinue reading ““Type I” personalities the need of the hour”

Knowing the differences between “Type I” and “Type X” personalities

Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive. EXtrinsic Motivation is considered the primary driver behind the Carrot and Stick method of motivating people.Reward for doing routine bound work effectively and Punishment for NOT being able to do the same , brings in compliance and is perfect for a factory model kind of work environment. Hence TypeContinue reading “Knowing the differences between “Type I” and “Type X” personalities”

Why is Motivation 3.0 needed in the modern day Infinite Game?

The Carrot and Stick method had worked wonders in the age of Industrial revolution and is still popular with organizations who want to instill fear and get work done out of people. Such a short term oriented mindset seldom stands the test of time.If it relates to driving results in the short term incentives likeContinue reading “Why is Motivation 3.0 needed in the modern day Infinite Game?”

Motivation 3.0 and its components

Human motivational requirements have evolved starting with Motivation 1.0 during the caveman times wherein the motivational requirements was basic survival needs. Then came the Industrial Revolution Age and Motivation 1.0 underwent an upgrade to Motivation 2.0 wherein the “reward or punish” or “carrot and stick” method took off and started showing great results for gettingContinue reading “Motivation 3.0 and its components”

Why behavioral physics fails to explain prominence of Open Source Software?

During the Industrial Revolution Era , “Carrot & Stick” technique grew in prominence and produced remarkable results. The rational principle was to reward people for doing the routine bound work efficiently and this reward in turn resulted in increasing efficiency. On the flip side , punishing people for being inefficient resulted in improvement of efficiency.Continue reading “Why behavioral physics fails to explain prominence of Open Source Software?”

This analogy between “Motivation” and Computer “Operating System” is fascinating

Daniel Pink’s book drive is a masterclass when it comes to explanation of concepts around human Motivation. Like a computer operating system needs upgrade over time to safeguard against vulnerabilities and security threats , similarly “Motivational Methods” need to be upgraded over time to give desired results. For e.g. During Caveman times the need wasContinue reading “This analogy between “Motivation” and Computer “Operating System” is fascinating”

Key insight on application of “Carrot and Stick” method

Daniel Pink’s book Drive provides some key insights on the flaws related to the “Carrot and Stick” method which has been so successfully adopted in the Industrial Era. When applied to left brain oriented work for e.g. development of algorithm or mundane routine bound work done in a factory shop floor this method gives greatContinue reading “Key insight on application of “Carrot and Stick” method”