Tag: Power of social bonds


    The insight adopted from the following inspiring quote of Simon Sinek, would definitely make us realize the value of truly long lasting relationships and bonds. This quote I am sure would make encourage us to spend time in building long lasting relationships.. Come let us pile on motivation..

  • When we are TOGETHER we are at our natural best , this is WHY

    Adopted from the following inspiration insight shared by Simon Sinek that highlights the power of Togetherness.. “CHANGING the world takes more than EVERYTHING any ONE person knows , but NOT more than what we know TOGETHER.So Let’s work TOGETHER.”

  • Thriving amidst “social bonds”

    “The best way to find joy in our lives or overcome struggle is with the help of others.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s great quotes

  • How “Homo Sapiens”stood the test of time?

    Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Together is Better”. Right from the caveman times till the modern day , several specific stronger than us have failed to survive the test of time yet we “homo sapiens” or humans have stood the test of time. The biggest reason for the same is the “Neo Cortex” or…