Why co-founders of an organization need to have complementary skills?

It is not sufficient for a FOUNDER to espouse a WHY and communicate it clearly to the entire organization. A founder who espouses a WHY needs an equally capable peer who knows HOW to run the company and advance the WHY or the JUST CAUSE around which the organization revolves. Thus a combination of aContinue reading “Why co-founders of an organization need to have complementary skills?”

What is meant by “Celery Test”?

Simon Sinek mentions about this in his book Start With Why. When the WHY is communicated clearly by the leader in an organizations it appropriately acts as a FILTER for all decision making even for folks at the lower level based on the clearly stated WHY. Thus any decision making , hiring , strategies ,Continue reading “What is meant by “Celery Test”?”

United had TED ,Delta launched SONG but both failed , WHY?

In order to compete with the iconic brand SouthWest Airlines in the economy airline segment , United launced TED while Delta Airlines launched SONG. Both these brands failed.It is not because of WHAT they did it is because noone was convinced WHY the brands existed in the first place. SouthWest on the other because ofContinue reading “United had TED ,Delta launched SONG but both failed , WHY?”

Characteristics of “Gut Decisions”

“Gut Decisions” just feel right. It all happens in the part of the brain known as the LIMBIC BRAIN. It is not an accident that we use the word “feel” to explain those decisions. The reasons that gut decisions feel right is because the part of the brain that controls them also controls our feelings.Continue reading “Characteristics of “Gut Decisions””

What characterizes leaders we are drawn towards?

We are drawn to leaders who are good at communicating what they believe in. Their ability to make us feel like we belong , to make us feel special , safe and not alone is part of what gives them the ability to inspire us. These are leaders whom we consider great and have theContinue reading “What characterizes leaders we are drawn towards?”

Why “Manipulations” are stressful and costly?

Manipulative strategies to drive results are costly and stressful to the entity wanting to drive results.This becomes a challenge when funds are not available to drive manipulative strategies. On the other hand knowing that an entity has a loyal customer and employee base not only reduces costs , it provides massive peace of mind asContinue reading “Why “Manipulations” are stressful and costly?”

When does “Manipulation” fail and “Inspiration” works?

Manipulations are perfectly valid strategy for driving a transaction or for any behavior that is only required once or on rare occasions.For e.g. Rewards used by the Police Department. In any circumstance when a person or organization wants more than a single transaction manipulations do not help and only loyalty , lasting relationship comes toContinue reading “When does “Manipulation” fail and “Inspiration” works?”

Why doing “Repeat Business” is NOT same as “Customer Loyalty”?

Repeat business is when people do business multiple times. Loyalty is when people are willing to turn down a better product orĀ  a better price to continue doing business with an entity whom they are loyal towards.Loyal customers do not bother to research the competition or entertain other options. All it takes for REPEAT businessContinue reading “Why doing “Repeat Business” is NOT same as “Customer Loyalty”?”

The fine line that separates “Optimism” from Being “Positive”

“Great Leaders are OPTIMISTS. This is NOT the same as being POSITIVE. POSITIVE is FINDING the LIGHT in the NOW. OPTIMISTS see the LIGHT ALWAYS.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s great quotes

The quote that makes us realize why “Together is indeed Better”

The following quote adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Together is Better aptly highlights the need of having social bonds in our lives since a life of solitude is inherently very stressful. “To go FAST go ALONE , to go FAR go TOGETHER.”