Defining a “Community”

“A COMMUNITY is a GROUP of PEOPLE who AGREE to GROW together.” Knowing this definition makes it easier for us to understand the importance of having people in a TEAM who BELIEVE in what a LEADER believes and more importantly the power of SOCIAL BONDS. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s quotes

Great Leaders spread “Leadership as a Disease”

Adopted from the following great quote of Simon Sinek , this is what Great Leaders are known for and hence they are so meticulous about Succession Planning. “The GREATEST contribution of a LEADER is to MAKE OTHERS LEADERS.”

How this quote relates to FISH philosophy?

In FISH PHILOSOPHY by Chris Lundin the following is mentioned as one key principle: “Make It Their Day” The following inspirational quote from Simon Sinek endorses the same fact: “The MORE people you INSPIRE , the MORE people will INSPIRE YOU.”


Life is NOT a competition , it is an INFINITE GAME where we all are PLAYERS. The only choice that we have is to play with either a FINITE or INFINITE mindset. The following inspirational quote from Simon Sinek summarizes this very fact: “In the GAME of LIFE , we only get ONE choice. OnceContinue reading “Knowing to PLAY the INFINITE GAME of LIFE”

Approaching LIFE with an INFINITE MINDSET

Life like business is an INFINITE GAME.Nothing highlights this better than the following quote of Simon Sinek: “Life is NOT a COMPETITION , it is a GAME. It is NOT about WINNING or LOSING , it is about all the FUN we can have before it ENDS.” Understand this truth would help all of usContinue reading “Approaching LIFE with an INFINITE MINDSET”

Infinite minded leaders do meticulous succession planning

“The ability to adopt an INFINITE MINDSET is a pre-requisite for any leaders who aspires to leave THEIR organization in BETTER SHAPE than they FOUND it.” Think about Apple , SouthWest , CostCo etc. all of them have been led by such infinite minded leaders Adopted from Simon Sinek’s quotes.