Why “Together” is indeed “Better”

The following is the book for whom I am writing my review. https://www.amazon.com/Together-Better-Little-Book-Inspiration/dp/1591847850 “Together Is Better” by Simon Sinek is a very nicely written self-help book wherein the emphasis is on winning as a group rather than winning individually. The way great leadership, wherein the great leader is chosen by the group to make theContinue reading “Why “Together” is indeed “Better””

Serve those who serve others to achieve fulfillment

For those who have not yet watched this video of Simon Sinek , this is a must watch. Please listen to this video very carefully and would have witnessed something extra special. Simon Sinek narrates his experience of getting stuck up in Afghanistan , after having lost all hopes of returning back to his home.Continue reading “Serve those who serve others to achieve fulfillment”

The Art of Storytelling – The Carmine Gallo Way

The Storyteller’s Secret is the third book of Carmine Gallo that I have read after Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Talk like TED.Like the first two, I have found this equally fascinating. This book is a must read for those who are looking to overcome stage fright , public speaking as well as those whoContinue reading “The Art of Storytelling – The Carmine Gallo Way”

5 Leadership Lessons, a masterclass – The Simon Sinek Way

The following link has a recent video of Simon Sinek that I came across recently. The practicality of the 5 principles conveyed via this video fascinated me and enticed me to share this with a broader audience group to spread the word around. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CZx4DTglHJc Here are the 5 leadership principles, which if practiced as wellContinue reading “5 Leadership Lessons, a masterclass – The Simon Sinek Way”