Life is an infinite game

There is nothing like winning in life since life is an infinite game.Sometimes we are ahead and sometimes we are behind. “Life is not a single scene.It is a whole movie that must play out…..our only challenge or opportunity is that we do not know what comes next.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Together isContinue reading “Life is an infinite game”

Most major reasons for “ethical fading”

Ethical fading is most often observed in non-trusting teams and work environments where people are pitted against each other by finite minded leaders who encourage such an environment. The organization’s toxic conditions and unethical behavior spoils the work environment and entices the human rational mind to justify acts related to “ethical fading” Adopted from SimonContinue reading “Most major reasons for “ethical fading””

Negative effects of “human rational mind”

All human beings are blessed as well as cursed with our ability for rational thought. Though this rational mind is very adept at solving complex problem when directed in a negative manner it leads to far reaching impacts. We canĀ  end up using this analytical thinking to explain or justify our behavior when we knowContinue reading “Negative effects of “human rational mind””