Understanding the Infinite Game of Life

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game The game of LIFE is an INFINITE one.We are the PLAYERS. The rules are not fixed , the players are not fixed.PLAYERS can come and GO and there are no WINNERs and LOSERs.There is no TIME LIMIT as well. In such a context we can realize thatContinue reading “Understanding the Infinite Game of Life”

Achieving fulfillment doing work that “we believe in”

When we work for something that WE BELIEVE IN , we do not think about the ill effects of putting in more effort.Something drives us inside out and we derive fulfillment out of the work that we do.This is because we seem to be believe in the CAUSE that is larger than ourselves. The followingContinue reading “Achieving fulfillment doing work that “we believe in””

Why adopting an INFINITE MINDSET needs COURAGE?

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game. Realizing something in quick time in the short term needs a FINITE mindset.To achieve something in the long run , deriving fulfillment , needs an INFINITE mindset and hence the requisite amount of risk and courage. The following quote summarizes this very aptly: “Bowing to the pressureContinue reading “Why adopting an INFINITE MINDSET needs COURAGE?”

All Great Leaders believe in learning continually

Great Leaders learn by the day to stay focused and humble. The following great quote by Simon Sinek captures this leadership aspect. “Leadership is an EDUCATION and the BEST LEADERS think of themselves as STUDENTS , not the TEACHERS.”

How this great quote endorses a “Fish Philosophy” principle

Stephen Lundin’s book Fish Philosophy takes about the importance of “Being Present” as an important principle to follow in a workplace to stay healthy and remain happy. Being Present is an essential skill in a leader who has a gift of great listening skills so that the followers feel like “Being heard”. The following SimonContinue reading “How this great quote endorses a “Fish Philosophy” principle”

Winning “minds” or “hearts” – Which is more difficult?

The HEART represents the LIMBIC or EMOTIONAL brain which does not have power to interpret language.It can only understand signals. MIND represents the RATIONAL BRAIN the part that understands reason and logic for e.g – comparison of features in a product and associated benefits. This is why WINNING HEARTS is much more difficult , needsContinue reading “Winning “minds” or “hearts” – Which is more difficult?”

Inspiring customers to buy a product

Manipulating buying behavior from a customer can lead to short term gains , create a desire but can never create LOYAL customers. Inspiring leaders who start with WHY and communicate clearly the meaning of the offering are able to command loyalty from their customers. It is the CAUSE represented by the company , brand ,Continue reading “Inspiring customers to buy a product”