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  • Optimism is the other name of Life

    Optimism is the other name of Life

    Where there is Optimism there is life My favorite word is Optimism. Being optimism and having faith in god gives me the strength to remain in flow and ward off any negative thoughts along with anxiety. Research has proven that there are several benefits in remaining optimistic such as: I am a big time Simon…

  • THREE things to make VISION SUCCESSFUL.

    The Three Things to make your Vision Successful If you have a vision and you live your vision, then this is a must watch video from the legend Simon Sinek wherein we outlines the THREE THINGS that make a Vision Successful. https://fb.watch/gCaN5nXgMG/

  • Do you know your TRUE COMPETITOR?

    In the Infinite Game this is your competitor Simon Sinek’s great insight illuminates us on our true competitor in the infinite game of life or business. Thus stop competing with others and focus on bettering yourself.

  • Why lead our LIVES for SERVICE of OTHERS?

    Lead your Life for the Service of Others Fulfillment associated with leading a life for the service of others, very aptly summed up by this famous insight shared by Simon Sinek. Very motivating and thoroughly inspiring insight which is sure to destress our already stressful lives. Come let us live our lives for the service…

  • Why in LIFE, WINNING no longer matters?

    “In an infinite game, there is no “winning.” Instead, think of your competitors as worthy rivals–another player in the game that can reveal to you your weaknesses.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s great leadership insights

  • What is the DNA of any SUCCESSFUL REVOLUTION?

    “Fight AGAINST something and we FOCUS on something we HATE Fight FOR something and we FOCUS on something we LOVE “ Adopted from Simon Sinek’s great insights

  • How do great leaders design INNOVATIVE WORKPLACES?

    Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Together is Better” Innovative workplaces are nurtured by visionary infinite minded leaders. These are made up of “trusting teams” where employees trust each other and feel safe in each other’s company.The collaborative atmosphere emanating out of the safe environment encourages members to gel together as a team and make…

  • Do you realise your BRAIN’s craving for a PURPOSE?

    Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Together is Better” Our human brain is oriented to feel comfortable given a sense of purpose and direction. Truly great leaders know this scientific fact and hence to lead a “trusting team” they show their team a sense of purpose. Once our brain understands about a specific purpose and…