Seven characteristics of a good “20 Mile March”


A balanced year on year growth strategy which is born out of fanatic discipline of 10X companies has been termed as the “20 Mile March” in the book titled “Great by Choice” by Jim Collins.

Such a strategy takes into account the fact that we need to respect “unforgiving environment” when the tide is rough for e.g. recession , slowdown etc. and hence pegs the growth figures to an achievable mark fully mindful of the fact that in the infinite game of business not always  the environment will be friendly.

Seven characteristics of a good “20 Mile March” are as follows:

  1. Clear performance markers
  2. Self imposed constraints esp. to settle for lower growth rates when the tide is smooth
  3. Appropriate to the specific enterprise
  4. Largely within the company’s control to achieve
  5. A proper time frame
  6. Imposed by company on itself
  7. Achieved with high consistency

Three Reasons why “The 20 Mile Marchers” always beat competition


Adopted from Jim Collins’s book titled “Great By Choice”

“20 Mile March” is a term coined in his book to explain why 10X companies have won over their competitors by being slow and steady , in the infinite game of business.

The three reasons why such a strategy helps to fight against all odds during difficult times has been mentioned below:

  1. Builds confidence in ability to perform during adverse conditions
  2. Reduces likelihood of catastrophe when hit by turbulent disruption
  3. Helps to exert self control in an out of control environment