Why is it time to have a HERO and VILLAIN in your STORYLINE?


Why should you introduce a Hero and Villain for a compelling Story?

The following insight from Carmine Gallo’s best seller, The Storyteller’s Secret sheds light as to how introducing a Hero and Villain can enable compelling storytelling.

“The next time you face a skeptical audience, paint a picture of the villain before you introduce your product or service—the conquering hero. The villain/hero narrative simplifies the problem your idea solves and, if you use simple words, you might be surprised at just how quickly your idea catches on.”

Carmine Gallo



The following insight has been adopted from Carmine Gallo’s book The Storytellers Secret.

The 18-minute rule isn’t simply a good exercise to learn discipline. It’s critical to avoid overloading your audience. Remember, constrained presentations require more creativity.”

Adopted from Carmine Gallo’s book The Storytellers Secret

Thus the 18 minute rule is the secret to any successful presentation.

How to MAKE your STORY viral?


The following self help and motivational insight has been adopted from Carmine Gallo’s book The Storytellers Secret.

“It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, identify what makes you unique and interesting and have the courage to be authentic across all of the social media platforms from which you share your story.”

Adopted from Carmine Gallo’s The Storytellers Secret

This is when your story can spread like fire.

Do you WANT to UNDERSTAND the SCIENCE of EFFECTIVE STORYTELLING?You have landed at the right place..


The Storyteller’s Secret is the third book of Carmine Gallo that I have read after Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Talk like TED.Like the first two, I have found this equally fascinating.

This book is a must read for those who are looking to overcome stage fright , public speaking as well as those who are into selling.

As is evident from this as well as his previous books, storytelling has always been an art not science and needs the storyteller to understanding the working of the human brain with precision.

The stories of great presentations , the preparation before the presentations , the effort made by the presenter in trying to influence the human brain goes a long way in conveying the message that for passing on a simple message in an easily understandable way needs lot of complex planning and preparation.

The following are the concepts related to engaging presentations, storytelling that deeply appealed to my senses. All these it must be said have deep rooted relationship with neuroscience and ability to understand the working of the human brain. Thus storytelling is still an art using scientific techniques leaving nothing to chance.

1. Neural coupling —– This is what happens when a message from a storyteller is able to engage the listener and his brain (emotional side of it) is tightly coupled with the idea presented by the storyteller. It is similar to resonance that happens when the natural frequency matches. Once a listener is neutrally coupled the job of the storyteller in conveying his message becomes a lot easier. As a result of neural coupling an emotionally charged event gets triggered in the brain that gives rise to excitement in the mind of a listener driving away boredom.

2. Heart sing —- This is a concept coined by Steve Jobs wherein the presenter or storyteller has to connect with the audience in such a way that would make the heart of the audience sing with the message conveyed by the presenter.

3. Mood contagion happens when the mood or magic created by the storyteller spreads like a disease amongst the audience and becomes contagious wherein the audience remains engaged with all eyes and ears enjoying the presentation.

4. Amygdala “Post It” notes – Amygdala is the region of the brain that releases dopamine, the chemical that gives us happiness. The message of the presenter when conveyed in a desirable manner gets registered as a “Post It” note in the brain region named Amygdala and causes the release of dopamine which makes the listener not only relate better but carry the message with him/her after the presentation.

How Great Storytellers scientifically inspire listeners


Adopted from the following great insight shared by Carmine Gallo..

Science shows that passion is contagious, literally. You cannot inspire others unless you are inspired yourself. You stand a much greater chance of persuading and inspiring your listeners if you express an enthusiastic, passionate, and meaningful connection to your topic.”