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  • An enduring culture of discipline cannot be built with force

    Great organizations led by Level 5 leaders build an enduring culture of discipline whereas comparison companies who are led by talented yet not Level 5 leaders tend to personally discipline the organization through sheer force. This comparison is a leadership masterclass and shows why Level 5 leadership is so difficult to attain.. Adopted from Jim…

  • All about “A Culture of Discipline”

    Adopted from the following quote of Jim Collins.. “A culture of discipline is not a principle of business, it is a principle of greatness.”

  • Fanatical Adherence to Hedgehog Concept for sustained results

    Hedgehog Concept is the intersection point of the three circles involving the following principles: What are you deeply PASSIONATE about? What can you be THE BEST in the WORLD at? Is the strategy economically VIABLE? The single most important form of discipline for sustained results is FANATICAL ADHERENCE to the Hedgehog Concept and willingness to…

  • A Culture of Discipline involves these Three Principles

    A Culture of Discipline is about: Getting Disciplined people who engage in Disciplined thought and who then take the Disciplined Action.. Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Good to Great

  • A Culture of Discipline involves this duality

    A culture of discipline involves this duality. On one hand it requires people who adhere to a consistent system , on the other hand it gives people the freedom and responsibility within the framework of the system.. Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Good to Great

  • The three components to build a culture of discipline

    The three essential components used by any great organization to build a culture of discipline while at the same time encouraging innovation and creativity are: Disciplined People Disciplined Thought Disciplined Action Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Good to Great