Understanding differences between “Charisma” and “Energy”

Charisma comes from a CLARITY of WHY.A charismatic leader has a clear sense of VISION and a JUST CAUSE in mind.It comes from absolute conviction in an IDEAL bigger than oneself.

Energy in contrast comes from a GOOD NIGHT’s SLEEP or lots of caffeine.Energy can EXCITE.

Only Charisma can INSPIRE.Charisma commands LOYALTY whereas Energy does not.

Working with charismatic leaders results in FULFILLMENT , the flow of OXYTOCIN , whereas working with Energetic leaders can at most result in a shot of DOPAMINE.

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why

Comparison between Great Organizations and a TRAPEZE

A trapeze who does deadly stunts would need a NET for protection in the eventuality when the stunt flops.

The presence of the NET would be sure enough to psychologically inspire the TRAPEZE to attempt such deadly stunts.

Like in great organizations the employees are made to feel safe by iconic leaders.When the employees feel safe to express vulnerability and are given a free license to try and fail when attempting new things , innovation spreads as a disease.

This comparison cited by Simon Sinek in his book Start With Why aptly illustrates why organizations that Start with WHY are indeed so successful.