Leadership is another name for SERVICE

The best of leaders with an infinite mindset understand that leadership is a SERVICE to be offered NOT just a rank or position.

The following quote from Simon Sinek aptly highlights this fact.

“To LIVE our lives with an INFINITE MINDSET is to LIVE a life of SERVICE.”

Making the most out of our LIVES

The following quote from Simon Sinek offers us advice to change our outlook and lead our lives with fulfillment since life is short lived.

Life is NOT a competition , it is a GAME.

It is NOT about WINNING or LOSING , it is about all the FUN we can have before it ENDS.”

Knowing LIFE is an infinite game can help us lead our lives with more fulfillment.


Infinite minded players do not fear “Disruption”

The following insightful quote aptly highlights the difference between finite minded and infinite minded players.

“Where a FINITE minded player fears things that are NEW or DISRUPTIVE , the INFINITE MINDED player REVELS in them.”

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s leadership quotes

How to create a “work culture” where truth is “heard”?

Creating such a culture involves four basic practices:

1) Leading with questions , not answers

2) Engage in dialogue and debate not coercion

3) Conduct autopsies without blame

4) Build RED FLAG mechanisms that TURN information into the information that cannot be ignored

Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Good to Great