Role of “rider” & “elephant” in influencing change

The rider or the rational brain analyzes situation and provides the necessary direction to influence change. The elephant or the emotional limbic brain understands only signals and provides the passion to influence change. Thus for change to be driven both the “rider” and “elephant” need to be influenced with the necessary arousal to complement eachContinue reading “Role of “rider” & “elephant” in influencing change”

Scientifically driving change , in 3 steps

Adopted from the book titled “Switch” from Chip and Dan Heath. Three 3 steps to drive change are: 1) Direct the Rider – The rational brain referred to as the “Rider” needs to a crystal clear direction to be able to drive change 2)Motivate the elephant – Engaging the emotional limbic brain of humans thatContinue reading “Scientifically driving change , in 3 steps”