This is when followers take ownership of a leader’s vision

Adopted from the following great insight shared by Simon Sinek from the book Leaders Eat Last “And when a leader embraces their responsibility to care for people instead of caring for numbers, then people will follow, solve problems and see to it that that leader’s vision comes to life the right way, a stable wayContinue reading “This is when followers take ownership of a leader’s vision”

Finding a Vision is the way forward

Visionaries come one in a million.Take the example of Steve Jobs , Herb Kelleher , Bob Chapman.Hence all of us should not waste timing in trying to become visionaries.. The following insight shared by Simon Sinek in his book The Infinite Game highlights the fact that for those who cannot become visionaries , there isContinue reading “Finding a Vision is the way forward”

“Finding our vision” , the choice is ours

A vision is like a dream , it will disappear unless we do something with it. Thus when obstacles appear in the way of our vision , the choice is on us to find our vision. We can either devise innovative means to get around obstacles to climb the wall in front of us orContinue reading ““Finding our vision” , the choice is ours”

Finding your “vision”

We are used to the term “Have a vision” wherein being fascinated by visionaries like Steve Jobs , Martin Luther King we try to have a similar vision of ourselves. Not only is this stressful but at the same time does not make our lives meaningless if we don’t have one. To make our livesContinue reading “Finding your “vision””