How organizations communicate their messages indicates their mindset

An organization’s mindset whether finite or infinite is clearly reflected in all the organizational announcements and communications. The responsibility of any business is 1) to advance a purpose justifying the JUST CAUSE or vision 2) Protecting the supplier , employees and all in the ecosystem and 3) Generate profit if the communication starts with 3Continue reading “How organizations communicate their messages indicates their mindset”

Characteristics of a work culture led by finite minded leaders

Organizations led by finite minded leaders are characterized by work environments where people are pitted against one another to meet short term quarterly targets. These are leaders who give the utmost importance to performers who are high on IQ even if they are not team players and lack EQ. Such an environment is prone toContinue reading “Characteristics of a work culture led by finite minded leaders”

This piece of advice will inspire us to adopt an “Infinite Mindset”

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s great sayings and advises all of us to adopt an infinite mindset for a better future in the infinite game of life “Now more than ever we need to embrace an INFINITE MINDSET. The FINITE MINDSET of opportunism , selfishness and panic will hurt all of us in the long run.Continue reading “This piece of advice will inspire us to adopt an “Infinite Mindset””

This is the biggest difference between “finite” & “infinite” minded work environments

Finite minded work environments are ones where individuals are pitted against each other to meet short term goals and targets.These are places where organizational politics exist due to people fighting against each other. On the other hand in infinite minded work environments , people have a sense of purpose and are constantly looking to outplaceContinue reading “This is the biggest difference between “finite” & “infinite” minded work environments”

What kind of an environment gives rise to Finite Minded Leaders?

In a culture dominated by intense pressure to meet quarterly or annual targets , too many leaders value high performers with little consideration of whether others can TRUST them or not. Such finite minded leaders to meet their targets are prepared to sacrifice the work environment to nurture more selfish , narrow minded and non-trustworthyContinue reading “What kind of an environment gives rise to Finite Minded Leaders?”

Dream or Competition – Which do we chase?

Chasing a dream instead of copying competition is much more involved and more difficult. Such is the case with companies who chase the competition.Their goals are short term oriented and shallow.The culture in such companies is filled with internal politics and micro management. On the other hand , companies who are busy chasing a dreamContinue reading “Dream or Competition – Which do we chase?”

Trusting teams

Teams are building blocks of any organization.When there is trust among individuals in a team , people care for each other , collaborate with each other which ultimately leads to high performance. On the contrary when teams lack trust , results may be achieved at the expense of relationships and a healthy work culture.This mayContinue reading “Trusting teams”

The contrasting approaches of COSTCO and GE CEO’s

The share prices and growth patterns of COSTCO and GE are really noteworthy. Jack Welch and his 6 sigma philosophy focused on optimization & short term gains always putting people priorities behind shareholder interests and profits. At the same time James Senegal of COSTCO always put his people first , knowing fully well that satisfiedContinue reading “The contrasting approaches of COSTCO and GE CEO’s”