How this great quote endorses a “Fish Philosophy” principle

Stephen Lundin’s book Fish Philosophy takes about the importance of “Being Present” as an important principle to follow in a workplace to stay healthy and remain happy. Being Present is an essential skill in a leader who has a gift of great listening skills so that the followers feel like “Being heard”. The following SimonContinue reading “How this great quote endorses a “Fish Philosophy” principle”

How this quote relates to FISH philosophy?

In FISH PHILOSOPHY by Chris Lundin the following is mentioned as one key principle: “Make It Their Day” The following inspirational quote from Simon Sinek endorses the same fact: “The MORE people you INSPIRE , the MORE people will INSPIRE YOU.”

The Four Central Themes of “Fish Philosophy”

The Fish philosophy by Stephen Lundin highlights four key aspects that go into creation of a great work culture , that give rise to high performance teams. The four aspects are : Choose Your Attitude – Maintaining a positive attitude is the central theme of workplace happiness and energy Play – Doing work with passionContinue reading “The Four Central Themes of “Fish Philosophy””

Fish Philosophy workplace lessons – 4 key tenets

The following 4 key tenets as mentioned in the Fish philosophy are absolutely vital in our modern day workplaces. Play – Think work as play to get rid of boredom in order to make work enjoyable Choose Your Attitude – Without bothering about extraneous situations , circumstances , caustic people around , choose your ownContinue reading “Fish Philosophy workplace lessons – 4 key tenets”