Extending James Carse’s Infinite Game concept to life and business

James Carse , the master has talked about two kinds of Games. One is Finite where the players are fixed , rules are agreed upon , duration is fixed and there is winning or losing. The other kind is Infinite Game where the players are not fixed , rules are not agreed upon and durationContinue reading “Extending James Carse’s Infinite Game concept to life and business”

This leadership comparison is the reason Great Leaders never relax

Simon Sinek in his leadership lessons has mentioned that Leadership , the skill , is like a MUSCLE. Hence it needs to be practiced everyday in order to make it perfect. If we do not stretch our muscles , they become weak , similarly if we do not practice leadership skills eventually we cease beingContinue reading “This leadership comparison is the reason Great Leaders never relax”

Why adopting an infinite mindset needs courage?

An infinite mindset is always for the long term letting go short term benefits. Needlessly to say this is not for the faint hearted. Simon Sinek in his book The Infinite Game highlights the long term merits of adopting an infinite mindset. The following quote adopted from the book Infinite Game highlights the same: “BowingContinue reading “Why adopting an infinite mindset needs courage?”

Great Leaderless are Fearless

The following leadership quote from Simon Sinek highlights the fact that great leaders are indeed fearless and lead the way. “LEADERS are the ONES who have the COURAGE to GO FIRST , to put themselves at PERSONAL RISK to OPEN a PATH for OTHERS to FOLLOW.”

Optimism is an unique ability

Great leaders have the unique ability to be OPTIMISTIC to forward their VISION. The following great quote of Simon Sinek , aptly highlights the same “Optimism is the ABILITY to FOCUS on WHERE we are GOING , NOT WHERE we are COMING FROM.”