The common thread that binds “Firefox” , “Wikipedia” ,”Linux”

All of “Firefox” , “Linux” , “Wikipedia” , “Apache” are open source platform where contributors freely collaborate and share their work with fellow enthusiasts with a JUST CAUSE in mind without expecting monetary benefits. This is a classical example of how “Intrinsic Motivation” in the modern age makes money , rewards and the Carrot andContinue reading “The common thread that binds “Firefox” , “Wikipedia” ,”Linux””

Understanding the fine balance between “human bonds” and “technological advancement”

As technology continues to advance the human race , as social media and various other gadgets take charge of our lives it is important to not lose sight of the fact that human beings still crave for social bonds.This is the biggest difference between us and animals around us , our ability to form humanContinue reading “Understanding the fine balance between “human bonds” and “technological advancement””

The power of human bonds

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “Together is Better” Social media and its proliferation has made life convenient and made virtual connections a reality In spite of this , social media or for that matter video calls can never be a substitute for “face to face” communication. This is because all human beings are socialContinue reading “The power of human bonds”