How an organization handles Acquisitions is an indicator of its greatness

Less known companies try to create a breakthrough with large and misguided acquisitions without adhering to any framework.. The great companies in contrast use large acquisitions after breakthrough to accelerate momentum guided by the Hedgehog Concept after their flywheel has already build up momentum.. Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Good to Great

An enduring culture of discipline cannot be built with force

Great organizations led by Level 5 leaders build an enduring culture of discipline whereas comparison companies who are led by talented yet not Level 5 leaders tend to personally discipline the organization through sheer force. This comparison is a leadership masterclass and shows why Level 5 leadership is so difficult to attain.. Adopted from JimContinue reading “An enduring culture of discipline cannot be built with force”

Level 5 leaders prefer WHO before WHAT

By WHAT we refer to the vision that a Leader has with respect to the organization.. By WHO we refer to the followers of the leader who work towards achieving the VISION of the leader.. A level 5 leader first cares about WHO i.e. selecting the right people on the BUS who are sure toContinue reading “Level 5 leaders prefer WHO before WHAT”

This is how great leaders exhibit “Internal Locus of Control”

Level 5 leaders are iconic high performing leaders who are driven by “Internal Locus of Control”. Level 5 leaders look out of the window to attribute success to factors other than themselves.. When things go poorly , however they look in the mirror and blame themselves and take full responsibility.. The finite minded short termContinue reading “This is how great leaders exhibit “Internal Locus of Control””