“LinchPin” by Seth Godin – Key Takeaways

A linchpin is one who: Masters the limbic brain(devil) and lets their rational brain take charge of the fear , stress of the limbic brain when it comes to taking risks in order to create insanely different things to achieve fulfillment. Challenges the status quo In the modern age where factory model has become irrelevantContinue reading ““LinchPin” by Seth Godin – Key Takeaways”

What does it take to be a “LinchPin”

Recently I had the honor of reading Seth Godin’s book named “The Linchpin”. The book is inspiring to the core and explains how linchpins find it very difficult to survive in stable , banal & process oriented factory environments. For ages , the factory model of working , where there would be a factory owner(owingContinue reading “What does it take to be a “LinchPin””