Storytelling tips for the day

The following tips from Margot Leitman , in storytelling , are the tips of the day.This is from the book titled “Long Story Short”. Importance of an universal theme – Unless Your Tale contains a Universal Theme , it is best left with your therapist or your best friend. Trick us into listening by makingContinue reading “Storytelling tips for the day”

Avoid fudging the truth in storytelling

The following should be avoided while telling a story.This is because the audience is intelligent enough to understand whether a speaker is lying or not. Margot Leitman points out the following as strict NO-NO while telling a story in her book titled “Long Story Short”. Modifying the plot Making up characters Altering the story’s emotionalContinue reading “Avoid fudging the truth in storytelling”

Simplest ways to generate stories

1) Travel more be it personal or business 2) Keep changing your mode of transport to work – use carpool , bus etc. to get connected with more people 3) Say yes to more and more event invitations even though they may seem weird 4) Dont run away if you bump into someone weird 5)Continue reading “Simplest ways to generate stories”

Storytelling tips for the day

Long Story Short by Margot Leitman has awesome tips for storytelling and is a must read for any novice in search of an engaging story. Tips for the day , extracted from the book: 1) When Things Start to get weird , dive into the crazy 2) Never Put yourself in danger for the sakeContinue reading “Storytelling tips for the day”

Long Story Short tips for the day

Storytelling tips for the day from the book “Long Story Short” by Margot Leitman. 1) Revealing Vulnerable Moments from our Everyday lives almost always pays off 2)Find the Recurring Theme in your life , use it and go deeper 3) Take a close look at your QUIRKS , take a close look , they mayContinue reading “Long Story Short tips for the day”