Inspiring customers to buy a product

Manipulating buying behavior from a customer can lead to short term gains , create a desire but can never create LOYAL customers. Inspiring leaders who start with WHY and communicate clearly the meaning of the offering are able to command loyalty from their customers. It is the CAUSE represented by the company , brand ,Continue reading “Inspiring customers to buy a product”

Why “Manipulations” are stressful and costly?

Manipulative strategies to drive results are costly and stressful to the entity wanting to drive results.This becomes a challenge when funds are not available to drive manipulative strategies. On the other hand knowing that an entity has a loyal customer and employee base not only reduces costs , it provides massive peace of mind asContinue reading “Why “Manipulations” are stressful and costly?”

When does “Manipulation” fail and “Inspiration” works?

Manipulations are perfectly valid strategy for driving a transaction or for any behavior that is only required once or on rare occasions.For e.g. Rewards used by the Police Department. In any circumstance when a person or organization wants more than a single transaction manipulations do not help and only loyalty , lasting relationship comes toContinue reading “When does “Manipulation” fail and “Inspiration” works?”