These are the Five Steps towards Mastery

The five steps towards Mastery which is an essential component of the modern day intrinsically motivated Motivation 3.0 model , involves the following 5 components: Deliberate practice has only one objective – to improve performance Repeat , repeat and repeat again and again Seek constant and critical feedback Focus ruthlessly on where you need helpContinue reading “These are the Five Steps towards Mastery”

The three key insights about “Mastery”

Mastery has the following three key components: Mastery is a mindset – Being optimistic about reaching Mastery is a pre-requisite Mastery is a pain and needs a lot of sacrifice via deliberate practice Mastery is asymptotic where the end seems possible to reach but can never be fully attained. Mastery being a key component ofContinue reading “The three key insights about “Mastery””

“Mastery” – 3 principles

Attainment of “Mastery” is bound by the following three principles. Dan Pink’s book Drive makes a mention of the same. 1) Mastety is a “Mindset” – Continuity in excellence needs a learning mindset rather than a performane mindset 2) Mastery involves “Pain“- Excelling in a particular field needs a lot of personal sacrifices. 3) MasteryContinue reading ““Mastery” – 3 principles”