Why Large Problems need small solutions?

Adopted from the book titled “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath The rational brain of human beings rederred as the “Rider” is capable of complex analysis and problem solving Though this is a wonderful gift , can act in negative ways at times The inherent tendency of the rational brain is to assume that largeContinue reading “Why Large Problems need small solutions?”

Old Brain vs New Brain – Unknown facts

Our limbic part of the brain has been inherited from apes and is known as the “Old Brain”.This understands only symbols & signals and has no power for rational thinking. A couple of noteworthy components are HippoCampus & Amygdala. Whereas hippocampus stores long term emotional memory for later recall and reflection , Amygdala acts asContinue reading “Old Brain vs New Brain – Unknown facts”

The role of Neo-Cortex of brain – Simplified

Neo-Cortex is the part of the brain that help to perform calculations , complex analysis , rational thinking. This is the part of the brain that separates us from other animals , it is called the new brain. Some major tasks performed by neo-cortex Complex analysis & calculations Connecting dots identifying patterns Innovating and findingContinue reading “The role of Neo-Cortex of brain – Simplified”