This is why for humans, meaning of SOCIAL BONDS will never change..

Adopted from the following great insight shared by Simon Sinek from his book Together is Better , explains the power of social bonds.. “To go FAST go ALONE, to go FAR go TOGETHER..”

When we are TOGETHER we are at our natural best , this is WHY

Adopted from the following inspiration insight shared by Simon Sinek that highlights the power of Togetherness.. “CHANGING the world takes more than EVERYTHING any ONE person knows , but NOT more than what we know TOGETHER.So Let’s work TOGETHER.”

Every crisis makes us realize the power of social bonds

COVID 19 like any other crisis will pass over. Every crisis makes us realize the power of social bonds as mentioned by Simon Sinek in the following quote “When we get through this , every handshake and hug will mean so much more”

Human beings are driven by social bonds

Adopted from the following inspirational quote of Simon Sinek that highlights the power of social bonds.. “At the end of the day, humans are social animals and we are at our best when we get to do things with others who appreciate and enjoy what we enjoy. It’s what keeps us human.”

The quote that makes us realize why “Together is indeed Better”

The following quote adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Together is Better aptly highlights the need of having social bonds in our lives since a life of solitude is inherently very stressful. “To go FAST go ALONE , to go FAR go TOGETHER.”  

Defining a “Community”

“A COMMUNITY is a GROUP of PEOPLE who AGREE to GROW together.” Knowing this definition makes it easier for us to understand the importance of having people in a TEAM who BELIEVE in what a LEADER believes and more importantly the power of SOCIAL BONDS. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s quotes

Why video calls can’t substitute “in person” conversation?

Human beings are social animals driven by the power of social bonds It is our basic nature to seek for company of like minded people in order to feel safe. The true bonds are formed by touch and feel , in person communication and hence nothing for e.g virtual video calls can substitute in personContinue reading “Why video calls can’t substitute “in person” conversation?”

Understanding the fine balance between “human bonds” and “technological advancement”

As technology continues to advance the human race , as social media and various other gadgets take charge of our lives it is important to not lose sight of the fact that human beings still crave for social bonds.This is the biggest difference between us and animals around us , our ability to form humanContinue reading “Understanding the fine balance between “human bonds” and “technological advancement””