This is what makes HUMAN beings unique

Human beings unlike other animals have the unique gift of the NEW or RATIONAL brain that helps us to analyze problems , brainstorm and make informed decisions..The same has been endorsed by the following quote from Cal Newport where he mentions that we revel in challenging environments where we can make use of our rationalContinue reading “This is what makes HUMAN beings unique”

Negative effects of “human rational mind”

All human beings are blessed as well as cursed with our ability for rational thought. Though this rational mind is very adept at solving complex problem when directed in a negative manner it leads to far reaching impacts. We canĀ  end up using this analytical thinking to explain or justify our behavior when we knowContinue reading “Negative effects of “human rational mind””

Why Large Problems need small solutions?

Adopted from the book titled “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath The rational brain of human beings rederred as the “Rider” is capable of complex analysis and problem solving Though this is a wonderful gift , can act in negative ways at times The inherent tendency of the rational brain is to assume that largeContinue reading “Why Large Problems need small solutions?”