This quote shows how the emotional human brain dominates the rational brain

Adopted from the following great saying of Dan Ariely from Predictably Irrational , shows the power of the limbic human brain over the rational brain while making such irrational choices.. “We are all far less rational in our decision-making than standard economic theory assumes. Our irrational behaviors are neither random nor senseless: they are systematicContinue reading “This quote shows how the emotional human brain dominates the rational brain”

This quote from Simon Sinek has a deep meaning

Let us analyze the following inspirational quote from Simon Sinek from his book Together is Better: “The MIND can be CONVINCED , BUT the HEART must be WON.” Here MIND is the RATIONAL brain or NEO Cortex of human beings which has capability to think rationally , understands logic and can brainstorm. Here HEART isContinue reading “This quote from Simon Sinek has a deep meaning”

Best quote that typifies the working of human brain

“The MIND can be CONVINCED but the HEART must be WON.” This is a very famous quote of Simon Sinek adopted from his book Together is Better. The human rational brain is used for analysis and understands language , rational thought and logic. But more often that NOT it is the limbic brain that understandsContinue reading “Best quote that typifies the working of human brain”

Logic vs Emotion – Best Quote

The “Rational” human brain has great power of analysis and problem solving.It is that part of the brain that understands logic and complex analysis. On the other hand the “Limbic” or emotional brain can understand only cues and signals and has no power of analysis. The best quote that I have come across to highlightContinue reading “Logic vs Emotion – Best Quote”

Taming the “problem seeking” rational brain

Three steps involved in helping the rational mind focus towards a goal even when it is faced with a problematic situation: 1) Focus on the bright spots 2) Provide crystal clear direction to reach from start to finish 3) Script the critical moves involved with the above two points Adopted from Chip and Dan Heath’sContinue reading “Taming the “problem seeking” rational brain”

The “Planner” and “Doer” parts of the human brain

Human brain has two components one the rational brain and the other limbic brain. Whereas rational brain helps to plan for the future , the limbic or emotional brain often referred as the “elephant” is responsible for emotions. Thus the rational or analytical part of the brain is often referred to the “Planner” whereas theContinue reading “The “Planner” and “Doer” parts of the human brain”