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  • Optimism is the other name of Life

    Optimism is the other name of Life

    Where there is Optimism there is life My favorite word is Optimism. Being optimism and having faith in god gives me the strength to remain in flow and ward off any negative thoughts along with anxiety. Research has proven that there are several benefits in remaining optimistic such as: I am a big time Simon…


    Optimism is the most positive emotion.

  • The Optimism Shop

    The Optimism Shop a one stop marketplace for preachers and seekers of motivation.

  • Take the Risk of Optimism

    The most important thing to carry with you always is Optimism. Unless and until we are optimistic about the future and unless we have faith no good things can happen. Hence what are you waiting for, like me I encourage you to take the RISK of OPTIMISM. Come together let us pile on motivation and…

  • Why is it WORTH taking the RISK of OPTIMISM?

    Why is it WORTH taking the RISK of OPTIMISM?

    Taking the Risk of Optimism Inspired from David Rock’s book Your Brain at Work, this insight highlights the importance of have hope and faith in life. In turn it mentions why its worth taking the risk of optimism.