Understanding about ROWE

ROWE stands for Results Only Work Environment a human resource management concept created by Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler wherein employees are paid for results(output) rather than number of hours worked. This concept is becoming more and more popular in the modern day of the knowledge and finds a mention in Daniel Pink’s book Drive.Continue reading “Understanding about ROWE”

What is common among “Gmail” , “GoogleNews” & “PostIt notes”?

Google , 3M have been very well known for providjng a lot of autonomy to employees to showcase their creativity. In an effort to create a Result Oriented Work Environment(ROWE), it has historically provided employees a leeway of using 20% of their time to do something outside their realm of work. This autonomy provided toContinue reading “What is common among “Gmail” , “GoogleNews” & “PostIt notes”?”