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  • Wear an Attitude of Optimism

    Wear an Attitude of Optimism

    If you are FIT and HEALTHY, if you ALWAYS WEAR an ATTITUDE of OPTIMISM, the clothes you wear wouldn’t matter. When you are optimistic, life has a strange way of looking after you. This along with being free of anxiety has a huge bearing on health and well being. Hence as per me if you…

  • The Therapy of Optimism

    The Therapy of Optimism

    The impression I want to give people is of optimism. Over the years I have understood the science behind the therapy of optimism. Optimism is a unique human emotion which has the power of self healing by giving hope. Without optimism our brain functioning lacks proper balance and we end up leading non-fulfilling lives. Science…

  • Simon Sinek’s Optimism Company

    Simon Sinek’s Optimism Company

    Being an ardent fan and follower of Simon Sinek, I have a long term desire to contribute to Simon Sinek’s Optimism Company. For those of you who don’t know about it: Simon launched The Optimism Company to help companies inspire their people. The¬†digital learning company¬†offers live online classes, on-demand courses, keynotes, and workshops to help…