Watch out for Finite Mindset leaders & their messages

It is basic human nature that the order in which information is presented more often than not conveys priorities and strategies of a leader. Mike Duke who became the fourth CEO of Walmart was known for his finite mindset and his tenure from 2009 to 2013 was characterized by lack of trust and severe resentmentContinue reading “Watch out for Finite Mindset leaders & their messages”

The contrasting approaches of COSTCO and GE CEO’s

The share prices and growth patterns of COSTCO and GE are really noteworthy. Jack Welch and his 6 sigma philosophy focused on optimization & short term gains always putting people priorities behind shareholder interests and profits. At the same time James Senegal of COSTCO always put his people first , knowing fully well that satisfiedContinue reading “The contrasting approaches of COSTCO and GE CEO’s”

The role of a CVO in an infinite game

For playing the infinite game of business with an infinite mindset the modern day CEO needs to be a visionary putting people’s priorities first over bottom line ,stock markets etc. A finite mindset wherein bottom line , profit margins become the first priority over people issues , though successful in the short term can leadContinue reading “The role of a CVO in an infinite game”

Why a CFO or a COO may not fit as the CEO?

Look at Apple and how selection of John Sculley at the helm nearly killed Apple.Sculley it is said was obsessed competing with IBM. When Michael Dell stepped down and Kevin Rollins took over , same story which is why the same way Apple brought back Steve Jobs , Dell had to bring back Michael Dell.Continue reading “Why a CFO or a COO may not fit as the CEO?”

Simplest ways to generate stories

1) Travel more be it personal or business 2) Keep changing your mode of transport to work – use carpool , bus etc. to get connected with more people 3) Say yes to more and more event invitations even though they may seem weird 4) Dont run away if you bump into someone weird 5)Continue reading “Simplest ways to generate stories”

Storytelling tips for the day

Long Story Short by Margot Leitman has awesome tips for storytelling and is a must read for any novice in search of an engaging story. Tips for the day , extracted from the book: 1) When Things Start to get weird , dive into the crazy 2) Never Put yourself in danger for the sakeContinue reading “Storytelling tips for the day”

“Best” vs “Better” mindset

Any mission statement focusing on being the “best” is not going to survive in the long term.This is because winning is always for the short term. On the other hand , a mindset focused on getting “better” is infinite minded and an stand the test of time.This is because such a mindset does not focusContinue reading ““Best” vs “Better” mindset”

Avoid Product centric mission statements

By making product as a hero in egocentric mission statements , the organization culture suffers. This when happens shifts the spotlight on the product and enginnering teams at tbe cost of other teams for e.g. Accounts , customer support. These departments start perceiving themselves as second grade citizens and do not feel inspired to advanceContinue reading “Avoid Product centric mission statements”

Pitfalls of a egocentric product specific mission statement

Garmin’s mission statement read as follows: “We will be the global leader in every market we serve and our products will be sought after for their compelling design , superior quality & best value” This is an example of product specific egocentric mission statement.Garmin focused on the product with a finite mindset.Needlessly to say thisContinue reading “Pitfalls of a egocentric product specific mission statement”

Long Story Short tips for the day

Storytelling tips for the day from the book “Long Story Short” by Margot Leitman. 1) Revealing Vulnerable Moments from our Everyday lives almost always pays off 2)Find the Recurring Theme in your life , use it and go deeper 3) Take a close look at your QUIRKS , take a close look , they mayContinue reading “Long Story Short tips for the day”