How is “social media addiction” similar to “alcoholism”

The human brain is very complex. There are several important neuro transmitters associated with ebb and flow of various emotions. Modern day social media addiction is reaching enormous proportions.More than ever before we are having cases of depression , unhappiness and suicidal cases. There is a neurotransmitter named “dopamine” associated with sudden flow of positiveContinue reading “How is “social media addiction” similar to “alcoholism””

Why “loneliness” is inherently stressful?

Our human brains right from the caveman times , have longed for social connections. Being in the company of like minded people whom we can trust makes us feel safe and secure. Had this not been a biological constant , how could have societies , countries & even organizations formed with like minded people. ThereContinue reading “Why “loneliness” is inherently stressful?”

Why accepting “unfair” judgement is very stressful to the brain

David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” makes a mention of the fact that human brain emits negative responses when subjected to “unfairness“. Especially noteworthy are those situations wherein we accept “Unfair” judgments since during this time our natural negative emotional arousal of the limbic brain(conveyed via insula) would be overriden by theContinue reading “Why accepting “unfair” judgement is very stressful to the brain”