Practice the ART of FORGIVENESS

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Are you holding a grudge? About?


If you are holding a grudge this post is for you. From my prior experience let me tell you that holding a grudge is like troubling your own self by putting yourself under a lot of stress. Practice the art of forgiveness to ignore such feelings and maintain your focus.

Research suggests that when we hold a grudge, the chemical cortisol flows through our veins and puts you under duress. To make best use of your psychic energy and be in flow, it is imperative that you practice the art of forgiveness.

Frederic Luskin defines Forgiveness as –

“Peace and understanding that comes from lessening the blame of that which has hurt you, taking your life experience less personally, and seeing the cost of holding a grudge.”

Before you hold a grudge next time around, practice the art of forgiveness, link below for reference –,cost%20of%20holding%20a%20grudge.

This would ensure you lead a fulfilling life by making best use of psychic energy, a concept popularized by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his book Flow.

For more insights from Flow, follow the below link –


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