What makes “COSTCO” an “infinite minded” player?

COSTCO’s investment in people in creating a unique work culture has paid off in the long run. James Sinegal , a truly infinite minded leader , obsessed with creating “an employee first” culture much against the wishes of Wall Street gurus , has shown again as to how an infinite mindset is indeed the wayContinue reading “What makes “COSTCO” an “infinite minded” player?”

The contrasting approaches of COSTCO and GE CEO’s

The share prices and growth patterns of COSTCO and GE are really noteworthy. Jack Welch and his 6 sigma philosophy focused on optimization & short term gains always putting people priorities behind shareholder interests and profits. At the same time James Senegal of COSTCO always put his people first , knowing fully well that satisfiedContinue reading “The contrasting approaches of COSTCO and GE CEO’s”