What makes “COSTCO” an “infinite minded” player?

COSTCO’s investment in people in creating a unique work culture has paid off in the long run.

James Sinegal , a truly infinite minded leader , obsessed with creating “an employee first” culture much against the wishes of Wall Street gurus , has shown again as to how an infinite mindset is indeed the way forward in playing the “infinite game” of business.

This is in stark contrast to the leadership strategy of GE CEO , Jack Welch who in the heat of “dopamine” shot was hell bent on short term results even at the cost of employee satisfaction.

Focusing on people centered long term goals may not reap benefits immediately , but when done in the right manner as in the case of COSTCO increases the relevance and longevity of the organization.In the long term the results are visible and more than outdo the results of finite minded organizations for e.g. GE.

Simon Sinek highlights COSTCO’s example on many a occasion in his book titled “The Infinite Game”

The link below has outlined how COSTCO’s investment in people has paid off in the long run.

Source – mitsloan.mit.edu


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