Adopting an “infinite mindset” needs courage

An infinite mindset always thinks of the long run rather than focusing on “low hanging fruits” in the short term.

Since this relates to a vision , of something currently non-existential , it comes with its own set of risks.

History is witness to the fact that visionary leaders who have adopted an “infinite mindset” have created and envisioned things beyond the realm of the ordinary finite minded leaders.Examples include Apple , COSTCO , Barry Wehmiller , CVS etc.

An example which is mention worthy in this context would be CVS Health.

When CVS embarked on its journey of nurturing good health for one and all , the giant step that it decided to take was abandoning sale of cigarettes across all its stores.The decision to change its name from CVS Caremark to CVS Health was in line with this vision as well.Though met with a lot of resistance in the long run the “just cause” did serve the company very well and helped it stand out from its competitors namely Walgreens and Rite Aid where the “finite mindset” obsessed leaders could not make up their mind to follow suit.

Simon Sinek’s “The infinite Game” makes a mention of the same.

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