The Doom Loop that leads to the demise of finite minded organizations

Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Good to Great the following image shows the Doom Loop that because of its short sighted nature leads to the demise of all such finite minded organizations..

Finite mindset works against our natural abilities

Motivation 2.0 is a term coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive to explain the Carrot and Stick method of motivation so prevalent and successful in the age of Industrial Revolution. The rationale was very simple : “Reward desired behavior and results to get more of that , Punish undesired behavior and results toContinue reading “Finite mindset works against our natural abilities”

Motivation 2.0 encourages a finite mindset

Motivation 2.0 or Carrot and Stick method of motivating people , is a new term coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive. This kind of motivational method works for dreary , mundane , routine bound work which is bereft of any creativity. The IF-THEN lure of rewards promised as part of this technique oftenContinue reading “Motivation 2.0 encourages a finite mindset”

Seven Deadly Flaws of ‘Carrot & Stick” Method

The seven deadly flaws of the “Carrot and Stick” method are: They can extinguish INTRINSIC MOTIVATION They can DIMINISH PERFORMANCE They can CRUSH CREATIVITY They can crowd out GOOD BEHAVIOR They can encourage cheating , shortcuts and unethical behavior They can become addictive They can foster short term thinking Adopted from the book “Drive” byContinue reading “Seven Deadly Flaws of ‘Carrot & Stick” Method”

What happens when we solve a ethical fading problem with a finite mindset?

Ethical fading happens in workplaces led by an finite mindset where people are pitted against each other.When profits are put before people , people resort to unethical means to strive in such environments. The irony is that in such workplaces plagued by ethical fading , adopting a finite mindset to solve the problem has aContinue reading “What happens when we solve a ethical fading problem with a finite mindset?”

Understanding the traits of finite minded leader Al Dunlap

Al Dunlap hired as the CEO of Scott Paper loved to loudly beat his own chest boasting about personal accomplishment putting numbers over people He personally accrued $100 million for 603 days of work by slashing the workforce , cutting R&D budget to half and putting company on growth steroids in preparation for sale PresenceContinue reading “Understanding the traits of finite minded leader Al Dunlap”

Harsh truth about finite minded organizations

“In a culture dominated by intense pressure to meet quarterly or annual targets , too many of our leaders value high performers with little consideration of whether others on the team can trust them” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book , The Infinite Game

Understanding a finite mindset , the GE way

Jack Welch always cared for short term gains and was known to put shareholder gains before people in GE His rating criteria for people was based on two criteria: 1) Performance & 2) Potential which is future performance Such a short term profit centred mindset is a perfect example of a finite mindset where profitsContinue reading “Understanding a finite mindset , the GE way”

Watch out for leaders and their messages

When a leader issues a communication to a broader audience on behalf of the company their intent or mindset of leading the organization becomes very clear. If the communication prioritizes growth , shareholder value , customer satisfaction , employees in that order it clearly puts “numbers” over “people” which is an indication of a finiteContinue reading “Watch out for leaders and their messages”