Respecting a “Worthy Rival”

A worthy rival can often help us get better at what we do.

Often when a business is doing very well , the absence of a worthy rival can lead to complacency.As a result of this , if the business is not led with an infinite mindset it can lose focus and stands a chance of extinction in the near future when a new rival enters the market with a disruptive mindset.

As against this it is always better to admire “worthy rivals” who can keep a business on its toes.A matured leader and organization knows the need to appreciate the good qualities in a “worthy rival” to learn from the rival and cover up its existing deficiencies.

When arrogance sets in with no respect for a rival’s positive qualities , the organization loses out on key insights which can be very detrimental in the long run.

Simon Sinek highlights the importance of appreciating the good qualities in a “worthy rival” in order to be better equipped to play the infinite game.


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