What caused GE’s downfall ?

GE’s fall in market capitalization over time is not something that should surprise us.

Jack Welch the CEO of GE loved playing the “finite game” with most emphasis given to short term performance and financial numbers.

Gradually this finite mindset , with the metrics focused on performance , pitted the individual employees against one another.The work culture started deteriorating and in turn employees lost faith in the work culture.

This was inevitable keeping in mind that the game of business is an “infinite one” with employees as the drivers of growth and success.

Had it not been for the $139 bail out given to GE by the US Government in 2008 , the once iconic company would have been history by now.

Simon Sinek in his book titled “The Infinite Game” outlines the finite mindset of Jack Welch and how it eroded the work culture of GE and hence led to the downfall of the once iconic organization , in the long run.

Please find below the links that highlight the shortsightedness of Jack Welch as a leader that has landed GE in a quagmire.

Source – theweek.com


Source – foxnews.com


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