Infinite minded leader – Doug Mcmillon

Doug Mcmillon has revived Walmart with his infinite mindset after the dismal period fromĀ  2009 and 2013 under Mike Duke. Main reason of revival under Doug Mcmillion is attributed to his infinite mindset and vision of putting people over numbers. Please read below one such great post(source that talks about why he is indeedContinue reading “Infinite minded leader – Doug Mcmillon”

Watch out for Finite Mindset leaders & their messages

It is basic human nature that the order in which information is presented more often than not conveys priorities and strategies of a leader. Mike Duke who became the fourth CEO of Walmart was known for his finite mindset and his tenure from 2009 to 2013 was characterized by lack of trust and severe resentmentContinue reading “Watch out for Finite Mindset leaders & their messages”