Watch out for Finite Mindset leaders & their messages

It is basic human nature that the order in which information is presented more often than not conveys priorities and strategies of a leader.

Mike Duke who became the fourth CEO of Walmart was known for his finite mindset and his tenure from 2009 to 2013 was characterized by lack of trust and severe resentment among employees.

Mike Duke’s strategy excerpt:

Our strategy is sound and our management team is extremely capable.I am confident we will continue to deliver value to our stakeholders, increase opportunity for our over 2 million associates , and help our 180 million customers around the world save money and live better.”

This strategy put profits and shareholders first and employees after that.

Don Mcmillon who succeeded Duke was characterized by an infinite mindset , excerpt from his strategy statement:

This has thus enabled him to restore the brand value of Walmart after the abysmal failure of Mike Duke.

The company has a rich history of delivery value to customers across the globe and as their needs grow and change we will be there to serve them.Our management team is talented and experienced and our strategy gives me the confidence that our future is bright”.By keeping our promises to customers , we will drive shareholder value create opportunities for our associates and grow our business.”

Clearly this put people priorities first.

Simon Sinek has mentioned these subtle aspects in his book titled “The Infinite Game”.


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