Playing “Infinite Games” to make your competition irrelevant

Over the past few months I have had the good fortune of watching numerous Simon Sinek videos on “Infinite Games”. One such talks about the merit of playing “infinite games” to make competition irrelevant. A player of “infinite games” tries to make oneself a better version by the day without being fussy about what theContinue reading “Playing “Infinite Games” to make your competition irrelevant”

Playing “Infinite Games” in business

Simon Sinek’s youtube videos on Infinite Games being played in business , have the following key takeaways. Businesses who prefer playing infinite games: Know that they need to make a better version of themselves by the day.This is the reason they do not compare themselves with others Are not obsessed with beating the competition ,Continue reading “Playing “Infinite Games” in business”

The joy of playing “infinite games” – Simon Sinek quote

Most of us are by now familiar with the concept of “infinite games” as preached by Simon Sinek.To summarize , playing “infinite games” ensure that we compete with ourselves rather than being bothered about the competition.The following quote by Simon Sinek wonderfully explains the need of playing “infinite games”. “We’d achieve more if we chasedContinue reading “The joy of playing “infinite games” – Simon Sinek quote”

Why playing “infinite games” is the way to go

If you follow Simon Sinek , like the way I do , you would have come across the concept of “Infinite Games”. I have watched myriad videos on youtube wherein Simon has preached and explained the meaning & importance of playing infinite games for achieving fulfillment for individuals as well as business entities. Please find belowContinue reading “Why playing “infinite games” is the way to go”

Comparison v/s Advancement , what do we prefer?

I have been following Simon Sinek’s lessons about leadership and the simplicity with which he conveys his leadership related messages is a real treat. Some of the best takeaways from his numerous videos on youtube, his famous books are like: 1) Serving those who serve others would give us fulfillment and would enable oxytocin toContinue reading “Comparison v/s Advancement , what do we prefer?”