Playing “Infinite Games” to make your competition irrelevant

Over the past few months I have had the good fortune of watching numerous Simon Sinek videos on “Infinite Games”.

One such talks about the merit of playing “infinite games” to make competition irrelevant.

A player of “infinite games” tries to make oneself a better version by the day without being fussy about what the competition is doing.

Such a player knows the merits of experimentation to come up with something revolutionary , while being cognizant of the fact that failure is part and parcel of all such experimentation.

This is why the projections and targets are not based on any competitor but reakustic goals based on the vision the company sets for itself.

Since creativity is driven by right hemisphere thinking of the brain & thrives in a conducive atmosphere all such organizations are able to create and nurture talent who feel motivated to create something revolutionary.

This is why playing “infinite games” in business as well as personal life is the way forward.

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