What makes a “Just Cause” a necessity in an infinite game

A “just cause”as defined by Simon Sinek in “The Infinite Game” is a specific vision of the future state that does not yet exist; a future state so appealing that people are willing to make sacrifices in order to help advance toward that vision. Such a vision aims at benefits for others in mind withoutContinue reading “What makes a “Just Cause” a necessity in an infinite game”

Existential flexibility explained

Existential flexibility is the ability of an infinite minded leader to initiate a disruption to a strategy or business model in order to advance a just cause. To explain this in more details, very frequently it may so happen in an infinite game , a just cause may become fuzzy and adoption of new strategyContinue reading “Existential flexibility explained”

The role of a CVO in an infinite game

For playing the infinite game of business with an infinite mindset the modern day CEO needs to be a visionary putting people’s priorities first over bottom line ,stock markets etc. A finite mindset wherein bottom line , profit margins become the first priority over people issues , though successful in the short term can leadContinue reading “The role of a CVO in an infinite game”

Nikolai Vavilov and his just cause

Nikolai Vavilov was a renowned Soviet agronomist , botanist & geneticist who had a vision of creating a bank of plant seeds to protect the world from famine and similar disasters due to the unavailability of crops and plant seeds. His vision became the “just cause” which got his fellow doctors so engaged that evenContinue reading “Nikolai Vavilov and his just cause”

Importance of a just cause in an infinite game

Just cause is a vision which has not been realized but a cause that is worthy enough for believers to even be ready to sacrifice their lives. The goal of an infinite fame is not to win but to keep playing for the future realization of something bigger than ourselves. Hence the importance of theContinue reading “Importance of a just cause in an infinite game”