Why extrinsic rewards are a source of depression?

The Carrot and Stick method of motivation to stimulate desired behavior from individuals focuses on EXTRINSIC rewards to stimulate desired behavior. Rewards in such a case act as an addictive agent and activates reward seeking addictive behavior in individuals.The expectation of reward stimulates nucleus accumbens and makes us eager to perform the task in theContinue reading “Why extrinsic rewards are a source of depression?”

Understanding the science behind reward cues in casinos

Casinos surround themselves with reward cues for e.g. inexpensive food , free liquor , surprise gifts , potential jackpot prizes etc. to act as reward cues in order to stimulate the Nucleus Accumbens in the human brain. The Dopamine or Addictive chemical that flows as a result stimulates risk seeking behavior in human beings toContinue reading “Understanding the science behind reward cues in casinos”

The truth fMRI reveals about rewards

fMRI or Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging reveals activation of Nucleus Accumbens and the flow of the “Addictive” chemical named “Dopamine” when extrinsic rewards are provided. The results are similar to addictive behavior produced as a result of consuming cocaine , alcohol or gambling. The downside of “rewards” due to addiction reveals an alarming truth thatContinue reading “The truth fMRI reveals about rewards”

Expectations and their relationship with “Dopamine”

David Rock in his book “Your Brain At Work” talks at length about the relationship of human expectations & their interrelationships with the limbic brain. “Dopamine” is a neurotransmitter which is conjunction with nucleus accumbens plays a major role in reward and motivational behavior in humans. Amygdala is the region of the brain responsible forContinue reading “Expectations and their relationship with “Dopamine””