Why extrinsic rewards are a source of depression?

The Carrot and Stick method of motivation to stimulate desired behavior from individuals focuses on EXTRINSIC rewards to stimulate desired behavior.

Rewards in such a case act as an addictive agent and activates reward seeking addictive behavior in individuals.The expectation of reward stimulates nucleus accumbens and makes us eager to perform the task in the expectation of rewards.This may even come at the cost of unethical behavior , narrow short term focus and other malpractices.

But these rewards are in no means a source of fulfillment since the enjoyment is short lived and makes us long more such rewards.When the rewards are not received it leads to depression and flow of cortisol.

Thus the way forward is intrinsic motivation driven motivation system that focuses on fulfillment as opposed to addictive rewards.

Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive


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