How to replace the use of Motivation 2.0 for performing routine bound tasks?

Motivation 2.0 a term coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive is another name for Carrot and Stick or Reward/Punish way of motivating people to get results when the work is dreary , boring and mundane.

Since in the modern day of creative and innovative work we need to move towards intrinsic motivation as the basis for motivational techniques for e.g. Motivation 3.0 hence Daniel Pink provides the following 3 options to be incorporated in any mundane work to get results while still being focused on Motivation 3.0 related principles.

These 3 options to make routine bound work interesting are:

  1. Offer a RATIONALE why the routine task is necessary
  2. Acknowledge the fact that the TASK is BORING
  3. Allow people to complete the TASK their own WAY

Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive


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