How to interpret “Performance vs Trust curve” in the infinite game?

When we plot Performance on the Y axis and Trust on the X axis , the point of focus should be the following quadrants: Top right – High Performance , High Trust Bottom Right – Low performance , high trust Top left – High performance and low trust #3 is associated with people who areContinue reading “How to interpret “Performance vs Trust curve” in the infinite game?”

The NAVY SEALS as well as any great work environment share this in common

With respect to performance and Trust , Trust is of much higher importance to Navy Seals and their training is oriented to encourage Trustworthy leaders rather than selfish minded high performing individuals. Performance is related to technical competence and is more related to Intelligence Quotient which can be trained.On the other hand Trust relates toContinue reading “The NAVY SEALS as well as any great work environment share this in common”

Why do NAVY SEALS prefer Trust over Performance?

Whereas Performance relates to technical competence , Trust relates to character. In summary Performance is related to IQ whereas Trust relates to the ability to collaborate with everyone , being likable and relates to EQ. Hence NAVY SEALS prefer leaders who have high EQ over those with high IQ. Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book TheContinue reading “Why do NAVY SEALS prefer Trust over Performance?”

How NAVY SEALS train leaders?

The highly skilled NAVY SEALS are interested in whether or not leaders can cross a water hazard or any other arbitrary obstacle. They are interested in training leaders who can create an environment in which everyone feels trusted and trusting so that they can work together to overcome any obstacle. Performance is technical competence whereasContinue reading “How NAVY SEALS train leaders?”

Performance Or Trust , which does an infinite minded leader choose?

Taking the example of Navy Seals , more than performance the need is of a trustworthy individual. A high performing individual low on trust spoils the environment and the team morale. Whereas a highly trustworthy individual even though lacking in performance is much more in demand since IQ related to performance can be taught EQContinue reading “Performance Or Trust , which does an infinite minded leader choose?”

Subtle differences between “Performance” & “Trust”

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book titled “The Infinite Game”. Whereas performance relates to IQ(Intelligence Quotient) , trust relates to EQ(Emotional Quotient) Performance is given more value by finite minded leaders who put numbers ahead of people. Trust is given more value by infinite minded leaders who are willing to take the risks to form trustingContinue reading “Subtle differences between “Performance” & “Trust””

Which is more important – Performance or Trust?

Though both are equally important yet for surviving in an infinite game , organizations need to prioritize “trust” over “performance”. Performance relates to IQ whereas trust relates to EQ. A low trust environment spoils organization culture and should not be encouraged.Hence even though performance matters , yet since humans are social animals and work bestContinue reading “Which is more important – Performance or Trust?”

Performance or Trust , which matters more to NAVY SEAL?

Performance at work is more related to technical competence.Whereas trust is more related to the character of a person. With NAVY SEALs it has often been found that a person high on performance low on trust is regarded as “toxic” & hence often ostracized.This is simply because of the fact that such a person isContinue reading “Performance or Trust , which matters more to NAVY SEAL?”