How to interpret “Performance vs Trust curve” in the infinite game?

When we plot Performance on the Y axis and Trust on the X axis , the point of focus should be the following quadrants:

  1. Top right – High Performance , High Trust
  2. Bottom Right – Low performance , high trust
  3. Top left – High performance and low trust

#3 is associated with people who are high on IQ but very poor team players.These are people who are driven only by extrinsic rewards and hence are a misfit when it comes to collaboration and brainstorming.

#2 is associated with people who though are lacking in performance are high desirable since they have high EQ and hence promote collaboration and problem solving.

Since performance can be coached through proper training even the NAVY SEALS in their arduous training emphasize more on leaders who though may be lacking in performance are high on trust.

#1 is an Utopian scenario and may never happen.

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game , throws light on personality traits that is required in the modern day of the infinite game where infinite mindset is related to high EQ.